Night Sweats e-Journal

Night Sweats e-Journal

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Dealing with night sweats is never an easy thing. There are so many aspects that come into it! 

With our Night Sweats e-Journal, you can learn tips, tricks and more about how to deal with them - while at the same time receiving our tracking template to watch how you improve by following the simple steps!

Our e-journal contains information on:

-What are night sweats and why menopausal women are susceptible to them

-Some lifestyle factors that contribute to them (diet, exercise, sleep) as well as strategies to deal with them

-Environmental factors including room temperature, sleepwear fabrics and bed linens that may be contributing to night sweats

This is digital journal is included with every nightgown purchase, or buy on its own for $14.95. (If you're ordering the nightgown there is no need to add this to your cart, we'll send it to you automatically. :)