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stay dry and comfortable from head to toe with our bundle

Better Sleep Bundle

Better Sleep Bundle

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Simone Nightgown Night Sweats Sleepwear (Size)

Our better sleep bundle includes:

  • One Simone nightgown (please choose size)
  • One Cool Kate pillowcase (available in standard size, white)
  • One Night sweats tracking journal

Please select "1" quantity for the entire bundle. 

Save $$$ + free shipping (Canada and US) when you buy our nightgown and pillowcase together.  Our Simone nightgown and standard sized pillowcase will help you stay dry and comfortable all night long. They efficiently wick moisture and manage heat so you may not even wake up during a night sweat.

Less night time disturbance from night sweats means you sleep longer and wake up refreshed. 

Our night sweats tracking e-journal is included with every nightgown purchase to help you identify the triggers that might be making your night sweats worse.

Great for night sweats due to:

  • menopause 
  • surgically-induced menopause
  • thyroid problems
  • cancer 
  • chemotherapy
  • stress and anxiety
  • medications that cause night sweats



Nightgown: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

Pillowcase: 55% hemp, 45% lyocell

Size Chart

Our sizing is based on standard US sizing. Please see the chart below to determine which size will be best for you. The measurements are those of the actual garment, so, depending on your body type, the nightgown’s length will vary. Our model is wearing a small-medium, is 5’7″/170 cm and weighs 130 pounds/ 59kgs. 

Simone nightgown size chart

Product Care

The Cool Kate pillowcase can help you sleep with less pillow flipping and greater overall comfort. You should wake up less during the night and feel more rested in the morning.

The fabric is a unique blend of hemp and lyocell. 

If you're a heavy sweater you'll notice that the pillowcase stains over a few days. Fear not, though, the stains come out easily. You can use spray it with a pretreatment laundry spray such as a natural whitener or Oxyclean or Resolve. Throw it in with the wash with like colours.

To help avoid too much wrinkling you can shake it out and hang dry, or put in the dryer on high heat. Remove when just dry and smooth with your hands or iron.

One important point: DO NOT USE BLEACH! You may be tempted to bleach it when you see the sweat stains, but the stains will come out in a regular wash without bleach. Bleach will ruin the fabric and leave it mottled. 

Please DON'T use:

  • Fabric softener or
  • Dryer sheets. 

These products will coat the fabric and block the pores in the fibres which won't be able to do their job of wicking the heat away from you. 

We use dryer balls which work pretty well to soften laundry. Wool balls also help speed the drying time.







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For international orders, please use our Etsy page.

  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Free exchanges and returns
  • Makes a lovely gift
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