Affiliate Program Details

CoolYourSweats Inc. makes a specialty sleepwear line created to help people suffering from night sweats get their sleep back. We design and make our premium, eco-friendly sleepwear in Canada. It's highly effective and lasts a really long time. You can read all about its features and benefits on The Simone Nightgown product page


As an affiliate for CoolYourSweats you will be eligible to earn 15% commission on every sale that you refer through our website.

As an affiliate you will receive:

  • A unique affiliate link to earn commission when you sell our products to your friends and broader community
  • 15% commission for all customers within the same calendar month
  • Website and email images to promote our products
  • You’ll be the first to know about all new products, special offers and events


  1. Register to be an affiliate on this page. When applying:
    • Please provide us with your FULL legal name. Applications with a nickname or first name only might be rejected.
    • In the field “Website URL” provide a URL of the main online destination on which you will promote our products. It could be your blog or your most active social profile.
    • In the field “How you will promote us” share with us your vision, approach and process on how you will be promoting CoolYourSweats products so we know if we are a good fit. Please provide details of all of your social networks including facebook, tiktok, instagram handles etc. where your affiliate links will appear publicly. If the affiliate sales come from an undisclosed source, your affiliate payment might be rejected.
    • For the Payment Email enter your email that is linked to your bank account or PayPal account so we can pay you. We e-transfer money within Canada and send via Paypal to the US.
  2. Once approved you will receive an email with your affiliate dashboard login details.
  3. In your affiliate area, you will find promotional banners and images for our products that you can use on your website or social media, along with your unique affiliate link.
  4. You can share your affiliate link via email and/or social media. You can also add our banners to your website and refer customers directly to our shop.
  5. Once someone makes a valid purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll receive an automatic notification and we’ll send a commission payment to your nominated Paypal account after a 60-day review period. Payments occur on the 1st of each month. 60-day review period is necessary to ensure there are no returns, before the commission is paid.


  • Cookie days is 30 days. This means you will earn a commission if a customer clicks through via your affiliate link and makes a valid purchase in the following 30 days.
  • If a customer is referred by more than one affiliate, the last affiliate who referred the customer will be credited for the successful purchase.
  • Shipping costs and taxes are excluded from referral calculations.
  • Commissions are calculated and paid in CAD. They will appear in your account in the currency your account is in. CoolYourSweats is not responsible for currency conversion fees.
  • Self-Referrals are not eligible and commissions will not be paid out. “Self-Referral” refers to any purchase made by the affiliate using their own unique link. This includes shipping purchases to a friend or relative of the affiliate. For this purpose, please use our Referral Program (sent to you post-purchase) to receive a referral award when you refer friends or family who purchase on our website.
  • Affiliate Commissions are not eligible on returned items.
  • Any attempt to cheat or game the affiliate program will result in the affiliate’s immediate removal from the program, with no commission paid.
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