Cancer Care Program

The Simone Nightgown for Night Sweats Pilot Program

We're piloting a program with a generous individual donor to the Cedars Cancer Foundation at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. This donor is providing sleepwear free of charge to women who are suffering from chronic night sweats due to cancer, cancer treatment or surgically-induced menopause. 

Our nightgowns were developed to help women who are suffering from chronic night sweats get their sleep back regardless of the cause of their sweats. Our sleepwear is highly effective at managing heat and sweat and can help women sleep with fewer disturbances (wake periods due to a sweat or chill). 

What to know: 

  • How to order: To place an order with the Cedars Cancer Foundation program, please scroll down to the bottom of this page, select the appropriate size (see our size chart for more information) and add the discount code from your pamphlet from the resource centre to reduce the checkout price to $0.00. 
  • The fabric: 55% hemp/45% organic cotton. Hemp is grown with few, if any, herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals and needs no additional water other than rain water.
  • The fewer chemicals, the better. The bast fibers of the hemp plant - which are used to produce the yarn - are separated from the hemp stalk by using steam. The hemp yarn is free of formaldehyde and other chemicals which can be found in cheaper versions of hemp fabric.
  • Low-reactive dyes. Dyes are a common source of heavy metals - in particular zinc, chromium, and mercury. Our fabric is dyed with low-reactive dyes that do not contain heavy metals.
  • Hemp's unique properties are the reason for its responsiveness to your changing heat and sweat levels. Its porous fibres wick away moisture and heat so you stay comfortable even during a night sweat
  • Hemp is a very strong, durable fiber. Due to its fiber strength, our nightgowns last a really long time. In fact the prototype from 2020 is still in everyday use. 900+ wears and counting!
  • Product care. To keep it looking like new, wash with detergent but do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets (it can go in the dryer on a low setting, but hang drying will limit shrinkage). See our product care page for more information.
  • Prewashed. Our nightgowns are pre-washed so shrinkage is minimal (around 4% in length if air-dried). 


  • Wash before wearing the first time if you have extra-sensitive skin. While our nightgowns have already been pre-washed, we recommend washing before wearing, especially if you have extra-sensitive skin. You can throw it in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes to soften the fibres even more.

Nightgown Details:

  • Designed for common sweat areas. Night sweats often appear around the chest, underarms and torso the most severely. The nightgown was designed with a high neck and medium-sized armholes in order to capture that sweat and heat quickly. The wider shoulder area and back coverage are also deliberate to capture the sweat before it reaches your sheets (that's not to say the moisture won't transfer itself to the sheets but the extra layer helps prevent the sheets from becoming too soggy). 
  • Length. We created a knee-length gown so that it allows women whose thighs burn during a night sweat to adjust it if necessary. However, the length also allows the fabric to capture the heat and moisture generated. It's meant to be flexible to suit individual needs.
  • Dress. We chose a dress as our first product because of the versatility and flexible sizing. It's meant to fit a variety of body sizes and shapes. There are no buttons, zippers or Velcro tabs. As it must be pulled over your head to put on, it is not optimal for women who've had a recent mastectomy. Currently the nightgown is available in one colour and three sizes.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page. If your question isn't there, contact us at service @ (no spaces).