Refund policy

Wear It And Love It 60 Day Guarantee

We’re convinced that you will sleep better and feel better in our nightgown, however, we also understand that you might find it difficult to part with your money without knowing whether or not something is going to work for you.

That’s why we have a Wear it and Love it 60 Day Guarantee. We want you to sleep in it and – yes – wash it – as many times as you need to, to really make sure the purchase is right for you. We believe that after sleeping in (or even just lounging in) your new nightgown, you will love it so much you will never want to part with it.

Still not convinced? Go back to your old sleepwear and compare

If you’ve been sleeping in it for a few weeks and you’re still not sure, we suggest you go back to your old sleepwear and try it again to feel the difference. We’re sure that after you compare your old sleepwear with your Simone nightgown, you’ll be as convinced as we are that the Simone nightgown is a fantastic garment.

If after 60 days, you’re still not convinced it’s right for you, send us a note at and we’ll be happy to send you a return shipping barcode that you can print and use on an envelope to send back to us.


The Fine Print


If you’re on the fence about which size is right for you and have ordered one of each size, it would be helpful to us -- a teeny, tiny, little, company -- if, once you’ve decided which style is right for you, you contact us to send the other one back WITHOUT wearing it as soon as possible so we can resell it. Thank you for your understanding.


When we cannot accept a used nightgown

If you have been wearing your new nightgown for a while and have washed and worn it and have damaged it (ie., if there are any bleach stains (bleach will ruin the fabric), small tears or holes, if you have altered in any way, dyed it, embroidered it, etc…), we will not be able to refund your money. So please, follow the washing and drying instructions (it WILL shrink in a hot dryer) to ensure that you are taking care of your nightgown.