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Cathy's story

Like so many women in some stage of menopause, I suffered miserably from night sweats for years. I kept thinking that they would eventually fade but after two years of incessant and unrelenting night sweats I realized I had to do something about them.

They left me clammy and damp and completely exhausted every morning.  Although I could barely get through the day, I dreaded going to sleep because I knew it meant more of the same. I was the definition of sleep-deprived.

I knew that sleep is important not just for my current state of well-being but also for a healthy later life as well. Getting my sleep back became my number 1 priorty.

So, I searched for new sleepwear. At first I thought cotton would work because it’s natural and breathable. Turns out, cotton was just as bad as the old polyester nightie I’d been wearing. In fact, after a month of wearing it, it was permanently sweat-stained. So much for that idea.

I had to think a little more scientifically about fabric. Coming from the green building world, I knew there were materials out there that could moderate heat and moisture in interior spaces naturally – absorbing and releasing the heat and moisture as needed. I figured if natural materials could do that for buildings, they could do it for humans, too!

But when I started looking for the right sleepwear made from naturally moisture-wicking, heat-managing fabric there was little available. Frankly, I was dismayed. I figured if I was suffering this badly, there were plenty more like me who were suffering too. How could we be so ignored?

That’s what spurred me to create CoolYourSweats. Our mission is to help women who suffer from night sweats get their sleep back. We create moisture-wicking, heat managing sleepwear made from natural, effective fabric that works all night long so you can sleep.

Because sleep is critical to a long and healthy life.


CoolYourSweats Values

Excellent customer service

Since our mission is to help hot and sweaty women get their sleep back, we want to make sure you get your sleepwear ASAP and you are happy with your purchase. If you have a question about sizing, returns, shipping, etc., reach out to service@coolyoursweats.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, and usually much faster. 

We offer free exchanges within 7 days (for try ons), and full refunds after 60 days with our Wear it and Love it Guarantee. See our return policy for more information. 

In our effort to create as small an imprint on the planet as possible, we only use fabric that has as low an ecological footprint as possible while highlighting the most effective natural, physical attributes of the fabric. We produce our nightgowns in small numbers so excess product never ends up in landfill. And, when your nightgown is ready to be, erm, “put to rest” it can be torn up into cleaning rags, and then, shredded and composted in backyard composters (minus the thread). You can read all about our sustainability efforts in this post.


Locally designed, locally made

We design and sew our garments in Montreal using expert, experienced sewers. Our garments are designed to last. In fact, as we like to say, one nightgown will probably outlast your night sweats.

How to get in touch

We're based in Toronto, Canada. we ship to anywhere in North America via this site. If you're outside North America, please use our Etsy.com shop to order.

Our online business hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm (ET). Send us a note and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. E-mail: service@coolyoursweats.com


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