Sourcing Sustainable Clothing is One of Our Core Values

Cool Your Sweats is the retail company for the brand Partridgeberry Apparel and Home Goods. While we sell Partridgeberry apparel, we aren't limited to selling only Partridgeberry items, and may, from time to time, source items outside our own brand.

That being said, we will only source from like-minded companies - those which create their products as sustainably as possible. They must also have fair labour practices and if possible, strive for zero-waste in their manufacturing. 

For these reasons, and because we are out to help make the world a better place, we will err on the side of small selections of apparel and home goods until we know they will sell.

We won't have many sales in order to discourage unnecessary consumption and we will encourage our customers to buy only what is needed.

Our parent company, RCS Trading Company will purchase carbon offsets for all shipping from fabric manufacturer to your home.

End of life responsibility: We will take back any Partridgeberry item you’ve purchased at its natural end of life and recycle or repurpose the fabric. Alternatively, so far, products are fully compostable in backyard composts if prepared properly.

We aren’t perfect, but we are continuously looking for solutions to decrease our overall consumer footprint.