Can a nightgown help you sleep better?

Hey everyone and welcome to our new store! We're glad you're here! We are the online retail store for Partridgeberry Apparel and Home Goods. We help women sleep better so they can get on with their day!

If you are a hot and sweaty sleeper (and not in a good way), you will likely have an uncomfortable and poor sleep on a regular basis. From flipping covers all night long to waking up clammy or even drenched is no fun. In fact, it's downright exhausting. And the sleep deprivation this causes can have serious health consequences in the short and long term.

Our nightgown is different than what's already on the market. It responds to your body's temperature fluctuations all night long, absorbing heat and wicking moisture as your body heats up.

As your body cools down, the nightgown releases the stored heat back to your body, keeping your overall temperature more even. You may need less cover flipping and you won't wake up with clammy sheets.

Your night dress works hard to keep you feeling more even-temperatured and dry.  In fact, many of our customers sleep through the night again. 

The way we like to see it:

Less cover-flipping = better, uninterrupted, sleep =  wake up rested = happy mornings = better days = conquer the world!


Okay, so maybe you won't conquer the world - but you will feel like your old self again - you remember her - she used to sleep through anything.

So the bottom line is, a nightgown can help you sleep better if you're a hot and sweaty sleeper! 

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page for more information and thanks for dropping by. 


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