Night Sweats Relief In the Form of a Nightgown

Sleep better so you can get on with your day

When was the last time you had a dry, comfortable, uninterrupted sleep thanks to pesky night sweats or hot flashes?

Sleep is supposed to be refreshing and rejuvenating, but menopause symptoms - night sweats in particular - have made that goal only a dream. Now you probably toss and turn, flip the covers, and sleep in damp and clammy sheets and sleepwear most nights. (Maybe you’re even reading this at 3 am trying to figure out what to sleep in?)

Night sweats are often a more complex problem to solve than just taking a pill or supplement. You can do both, see acupuncturists, osteopaths, nutritionists…you get the idea. All of these solutions help, but sometimes they’re not enough. That’s where we come in. We’re the invisible plane to your Wonder Woman, the Siri to your iPhone….

We literally help you look great (and we don't just mean in the nightgown) by helping you have a better sleep. A good night's sleep helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated! You can be you again! No brain fog! Better concentration! More energy! Sleep accomplishes a lot.

So how can the Simone nightgown help you sleep better?

We’re so glad you asked!


 It's the fabric

Our fabric is a blend of hemp and organic cotton. There is NO bamboo or polyester in the fabric! If you've tried those fabrics before and been unimpressed, ours will be a welcome surprise.

Because of hemp’s structure, the fibres have hollow cores that help wick moisture and heat away from your body so fast it actually can help you feel more comfortable. Excess heat stored in the hollow core of the hemp fibre is released back to you as your body cools down again. Meanwhile, the cotton adds softness and stretch so you’re comfortable. Check out our video to learn more:


You get a better night’s sleep with less tossing and turning, and little to no waking up in a damp nightgown.* That is some fabric!

Best of all, our eco-friendly fabric is so durable that one nightgown should outlast your night sweats. (You can read about our sustainability efforts here.)


It's the style

A simple easy-to-wear shift dress, classic elegance in black. There are no buttons or zippers to poke into you when you drift off to sleep. Wear it as a nightdress, loungewear, or even for a casual evening out. Our customers live in it.

The Simone nightgown is also:

  • Easy to use and easy to care for. It’s an exhausted woman’s dream – just put it on and go to sleep (which you’ll be able to do now).
  • Because of its natural anti-bacterial properties, it needs washing less often – and when it does, just throw it in with your darks. Hang dry or tumble dry on the low setting.

If you’re not convinced, read our reviews. Our customers are happy and sleeping again! 😊

Still not convinced? We get it, that’s why we offer a full Wear it and Love it 60 Day Guarantee.**

That’s right, you can wear it, wash it, as much as you want and if you’re not happy after 60 days, send it back for a full refund. We want you to be happy!

If you're from outside of North America and would like to order the Simone Nightgown, please contact us.

*This action, while effective, will have more or less success depending on how extreme your night sweats are and your bedroom and linens. Check out our FAQ section for more questions.

**Guarantee valid in Canada and the continental USA only at this time.


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