The Simone Nightgown

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An effective sleep aid for night sweats so you can sleep again

A good quality sleep is the most important foundation for a long and healthy life. But if you suffer from night sweats, it can be a distant dream.

Nightsweats are uncomfortable and disruptive to your sleep. The cover-flipping, soggy sleepwear and sheets are enough to drive anyone to distraction - worst of all, you can quickly become sleep-deprived.

It's hard to be yourself when you can't even think straight due to a bad night with night sweats.

You might be wondering how anything so innocuous can cause so much misery?

That's where we come in. Our specialized sleepwear is designed to provide relief and improve your sleep quality.

No more waking up soggy and clammy.

In fact we guarantee that if you don't see a noticeable improvement in your sleep, you can return it for a full refund (see our guarantee for the details).

  • breathable fabric


    Quickly transports air and moisture away from your body

  • Moisture-wicking

    The fabric wicks moisture away from your skin so fast you may not even feel damp

  • Heat-managing

    Fabric actively absorbs and releases heat to help you feel comfortable even during a hot flash

  • Easy Care

    Easy to care for - wash with like colours and hang to dry or throw in the dryer on low heat.

Our customers are sleeping again!

  • Soft, medium-weight knit fabric that's extremely long-lasting

  • Simple, shift-style design knee-length, sleeveless

  • Made in Canada from eco-friendly fabric

  • The Simone Nightgown

    Simple shift-style nightgown specifcally designed to manage moisture and heat so you can sleep

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  • The Night Sweats e-Journal

    Night sweats due to menopause are strongly influenced by life style. Our tracking e-journal can help you identify triggers. (It's free with every nightgown purchase!)

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  • The Cool Kate Pillowcase

    A beautifully crafted pillowcase, designed to wick moisture and heat away from hot and sweaty heads

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Can a nightgown help you sleep better?

Our nightgown is made from totally fantastic fabric that naturally absorbs heat in its fibres and wicks moisture away from your skin so fast you may not ever feel damp.

The result is that you notice your temperature fluctuations less - which means there is less cover-flipping and less waking up. Chances are you won't have to change your nightgown in the middle of the night. In fact, many of our customers with night sweats sleep through the night again.

It seems expensive

We’re out to change the way you sleep so you don’t have to change in the middle of the night.

We know our nightgowns aren’t cheap. If we could make them for less we would because we want as many women who suffer from night sweats to try it as possible.

There are two big reasons why we charge so much: fabric and labour.

Our fabric is unique and not commonly available. It's milled in small quantities compared to polyester or cotton.

We make our sleepwear in Canada where we have much more control over the quality.

While the upfront cost may be higher than what you would normally pay for a nightgown, our nightgowns last for years. As we like to say, one nightgown will probably outlast your night sweats.

Will it work for me?

We believe that our sleepwear provides one part of the sleep puzzle.

There are many night sweats triggers and not everyone reacts the same way to every trigger. Identifying which triggers are your weak points and eliminating them is equally important as wearing the right sleepwear.

Many of our customers already use hormone replacement therapy – and even with that, they are still bothered by night sweats. Others have eliminated many foods and beverages from their diets and they are still getting night sweats too.

But then we have customers who only need the nightgown to start sleeping through the night again. Our night sweats journal is included with every sleepwear purchase and it can help you identify and eliminate your triggers.

 We can’t guarantee that this nightgown will work for you the way it’s worked for others. That’s why we offer the 60 day wear it and love it guarantee.

Does it need special washing care?

The great thing about the fabric is that it is totally easy to care for. Throw it in the wash in cold water on a regular cycle. Hang it to dry or throw in the dryer for a few minutes on low setting. However, it doesn't like bleach or high heat, so don't use hot water or the dryer on high.You can read the full care instructions here.

What is the fabric and what does it feel like?

The nightgown is made from hemp and organic cotton. It feels like a medium-weight cotton t-shirt. It's soft, comfy and loose fitting.

Do you offer any other sizes, styles or colours?

Right now we call our Simone nightgown -  The Little Black (night) Dress - classic, elegant enough to wear out, but made for wearing in. It's available in one colour, three sizes.

Our goal is function - helping you stay dry and comfortable so you can sleep better. Before we launch into new styles, colours and fabrics we want to ensure it's performing perfectly. Which, according to our happy customers, it is!

More questions??

Visit our FAQ page for more questions and answers. If your question isn't there, please contact us using our contact page.

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