Calming audio to help you sleep

Calming Audio To Help You Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? You're not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from sleep deprivation every night due to the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. One of the reasons is a racing mind.  

Our audio recordings are designed to help you forget about all the things you have to do (or didn't get done), and focus on falling asleep. 

Calming audio helps distract you from your current thoughts, helps your body relax and allows you to sleep more calmly. We have one traditional sleep meditation led by Meredith Fellowes of YogaMind. Alternatively, we've got some book excerpts that are so boring, we dare you to try and stay awake! 


Meditation to help you fall asleep

A calming sleep meditation to help you relax your body and put those racing thoughts to bed for the night so you can sleep. This meditation is led by Meredith Fellowes, meditation instructor. Approximately 12 minutes.

Languages in Conflict

A deep dive into the history and projected outcome of French and English languages in Canada. Written by Richard Joy, narrated by Charles Joy. A surefire snoozer if you have no interest in the French/English debate and Canadian history. If you love history, please choose one of our other titles. Approximately 16 minutes.

Mrs. Beaton's Household Management

Mrs. Beeton helps new homeowners (in her day it was new brides) everywhere learn how to manage a household. This tome on managing your house covers all the necessities from properly stocking a panty to tracking household finances. An excerpt from the first chapter (Choosing a house or a flat) is narrated by Charles Joy. Not even remotely riveting. Approximately 15 minutes.


Investigations on the Theory of Brownian Movement

Brownian movement was first observed by Robert Brown in 1827. Albert Einstein revisited the theory in 1905 in this now famous paper. The math equations are complex and fairly long. Good luck staying awake with this one (unless you're a physics buff, then you might want to investigate the other readings). Narrated by Charles Joy. Approximately 10 minutes.

An excerpt from the Canadian Revenue Agency's guide to a tax payer's rights regarding the filing of their annual return. Narrated by Charles Joy. Approximately 14 minutes long. See original text here. 

The soothing sounds of moving ice - if you listen carefully you can hear the squeaking of ice floes moving against each other. You can watch the moving ice on our Youtube channel